In-depth analysis of traffic accidents in the Czech Republic

About us

CZIDAS project is realised by the Transport Research Centre, v.v.i (CDV) and the company IDIADA. CZIDAS participates in Czech National Strategy of traffic accident research One of the goal of the project is aimed at cooperation with subjects to whom can be results of in-depth analysis useful. These subject are represented by the road owners, administrators or automotive engineers.

Main specialisation is in-depth analysis of traffic accidents in the Czech Republic. It is aimed at independent traffic accident research with focus on accident, participants, occupants and safety systems. Our areas of interest are aimed at long-term goals. Personal data protection is strictly followed.

Organisational chart

Project history

Historically, first research activities in the Field of Traffic Accidents were performed in Prague, Czechoslovak Republic, in the period 1970 – 1976. They were primarily focused on medical aspects. During 2009 ŠKODA Auto motivated wide discussion about a Research of Traffic Accidents in the Czech Republic. This activity led to establishment of CZIDAS project.

In parallel, CDV started discussion with Ministry of Interior about HADN project. HADN was a key project focused on investigation of real traffic accidents during the period 2012 – 2015. Based on this, the first traffic accident database was originated.

29th September 2011 – A contract between IDIADA CZ and CDV v.v.i. was signed – CZIDAS project was defined.

2015 – Contracts CZIDAS + ČKP and CZIDAS + ŠKODA Auto was signed – CZIDAS has started.

Project partners

APPLUS+IDIADA is a leading company specializing in providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services to the automotive industry worldwide.

The basic purposes of the Transport research Research Centre are research and developement activities, processing expertise, ensure projects and services for Ministry of Transport, as well as providing expert opinions for authorities, both public and commercial entities.

The main role of Czech automobile manufacturer in the CZIDAS project is aimed at increasing of safety of produced cars. Road safety is a priority in vehicle development and production, as well as the social responsible projects.

As a professional organization of insurance companies entitled to operate the Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance in the Czech Republic.

IGLAD was initiated by European car manufacturers and is an initiative for harmonisation of global in-depth traffic accident data to improve road and vehicle safety. A database containing accident data according to a standardised data scheme that enables comparison between datasets from different countries is every year

The research

1st phase

The first phase is aimed at evidence collection. This approach prepared by the researchers need to be checked in terms of accurancy of measurements, positioning, views and pre-crash path and general conditions.

2nd phase

Traffic accident analysis is based on detailed investigation of collected evidence. Based on it, first sketch approach is realised.

3th phase

Reconstruction is aimed at the process of the traffic accident itself. The process of reconstruction consists of analytical calculation and simulation model. If the analysis is consistent and the possible accident scenario responds to the collected evidences, the final sketch and simulation is prepared.

4th phase

Final part of the research is aimed at data processing and data storage with respect to personal data protection, data security and other restrictions that must be strictly followed.

The research process

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